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Recent Publications

  1. Chen Z.C, Nora C. Beck-Tan, P. Dhurjati, T. K. van Dyk, R. A. LaRossa, S. L. Cooper, "Quaternary Ammonium Functionalized Poly (propylene imine) Dendrimers as Effective Antimicrobials: Structure-Activity Studies", Biomacromolecules, 1, 473-480 (2000) Full Text PDF


  2. Trezzani, I., Nadri, M., Hammouri, H., Lieto, J., Dorel, C., Lejeune, P., Dhurjati, P., Bellalou, J., Longin, R, "Quantification en ligne de al synthèse de molécules recombinantes par mesure de bioluminescence", Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, 15 (87), 147-155 (2001) Full Text PDF Not Available Online


  3. Michaud, D.J., A.N. Beris and P.S. Dhurjati, "Thick-sectioned RTM composite manufacturing: Part I. In situ cure model parameter identification and sensing", Journal of Composite Materials, 36 (10), 1175-1200 (2002) Full Text PDF


  4. Michaud, D.J., A.N. Beris and P.S. Dhurjati, "Thick-sectioned RTM composite manufacturing: Part II. Robust cure cycle optimization and control", Journal of Composite Materials, 36, 1201-1231 (2002) Full Text PDF


  5. Kauffman, K.J., E. M. Pridgen, F. J. Doyle, III, P. S. Dhurjati, A. S. Robinson, "Decreased protein expression and intermittent recoveries in BiP levels result from cellular stress during heterologous protein expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae", Biotechnol. Prog., 18, 942-950 (2002) Full Text PDF


  6. Michaud, D. J., A. G. Marsh, and P. S. Dhurjati, "eXPatGen: Generating dynamic expression patterns for the systematic evaluation of analytical methods", Bioinformatics, 19(9), 1140-1146 (2003) Full Text PDF


  7. R. Lall, R. Mutharasan, Y. T. Shah, P. S. Dhurjati, "Decolorization of the dye Reactive Blue 19, using ozonation, ultrasound and ultrasound-enhanced ozonation", Water Environmental Research, 75, 171-179 (2003) Full Text PDF Not Available Online


  8. Trezzani, I., Nadri, M., Dorel, C., Lejeune, P., Bellalou, J., Lieto, J., Hammouri, H., Lieto, Longin, R., Dhurjati, P., "Monitoring of recombinant protein production using bioluminescence in a semi-automated fermentation process", Biotechnology Progress, 19, 1377-1382 (2003) Full Text PDF


  9. R. J. Brendel, B. A. Ogunnaike, P. S. Dhurjati, "Nonlinear PI Controllers Based on Low-Order Empirical Process Models", IEC Research, 42, 4668-4677 (2003) Full Text PDF


  10. R. Lall, G. Gao, P. Dhurjati, J. Edwards, "MRAD: Metabolic Reaction Analysis Database - An Entity-Relationship Approach", Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, 6 (1) (2003)


  11. P. Dufour, S. Bhartiya, P. S. Dhurjati, F. J. Doyle III, "Neural Network-based Software Sensor: Training Set Design and Application to a Continuous Pulp Digester", Control Engineering Practice (2004), In Press


  12. V. Agrawal, C. Zhang, A.D. Shapiro and P.S. Dhurjati, "A Dynamic Mathematical Model to Clarify Signaling Circuitry Underlying Programmed Cell Death Control in Arabidopsis Disease Resistance", Biotechnology Progress, 20, 426-442 (2004) Full Text PDF


  13. P. Dufour, D.J. Michaud, Y. Toure, P.S. Dhurjati, "A Partial Differential Equation Model Predictive Control Strategy: Application to Autoclave Composite Processing", Computers and Chemical Engineering, 28, 545-556 (2004) Full Text PDF


  14. M. Nadri, I. Trezzani, H. Hammouri, P. Dhurjati, R. Longin, J. Lieto, "Modeling and Observer Design for Recombinant Escherichia coli strain", Bio Process Engineering, Submitted